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Frankfurt Airport Taxis FRA

Making use of a taxi service is a convenient way to travel to Frankfurt’s city centre or around Frankfurt to enjoy the tourist destinations. Traveling from Frankfurt Airport to downtown Frankfurt via taxi will take 20 – 30 minutes, provided that traffic conditions are reasonable, and will cost approximately 25 euros. It is an 8 mile trip to downtown Frankfurt.

Frankfurt taxis are readily available outside both terminals of Frankfurt Airport. Taxi fares are metered, therefore the further your destination, the higher the fares will be. In some cases, the taxi drivers may take an unnecessarily long route in order to increase the fares to be paid. Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid if you are not familiar with the city and its layout. If this is a concern, try using the official Frankfurt Airport Taxi cabs. Perhaps they may be more likely to ensure your safety and not unfairly increase the taxi charges.

Frankfurt Airport taxi services may add extra charges for luggage, late-night driving or travel on public holidays. Any of the taxi drivers will be able to provide information on how the fares are determined. Credit cards are accepted by some of the Airport Taxi cabs. Fares are, though, generally reasonable, as the city is not huge.

Frankfurt has many taxi services that are most often used by business travelers. German business travelers normally require the driver to get to their destination as quickly as possible; therefore, the taxi drivers tend to drive rather fast. If you would like to take a more leisurely trip or are uneasy with the speed, just let the driver know and he will oblige by slowing down.

A wonderful way to view the main tourist attractions in downtown Frankfurt is by taking a ‘bike-taxi’. These are human-powered and are ideal for one or two passengers.

When taking a taxi to Frankfurt Airport, tell the driver the name of your airline, and he will drop you off at the closest entrance to your departure area. The distance to the airport is longer than most routes within the city, therefore taxi drivers love to take passengers to the airport. Be aware, though, that only certain taxi drivers are actually licensed to drive to Frankfurt Airport, please ask for confirmation before you travel.