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Public transportation is very popular from Frankfurt Airport to many destinations within Frankfurt and other cities in the surrounding area. For a quick and efficient public means of transport, Frankfurt’s railway system is very convenient. On average, about 28% of Frankfurt Airport’s passengers arrive for their flights via the train services.

Beneath Terminal 1, at Frankfurt Airport, is the location of the Regional Train Station. From this location on platforms one to three, run the S-Bahn commuter trains, RegionalExpress trains and StadtExpress trains. S-Bahn trains operate on lines S8 and S9 and head for the central station in Frankfurt – Hauptbahnhof. Other destinations of the commuter trains are Offenbach, Hanau, Rüsselheim, Mainz and Wiesbaden.

The second railway option is for long-distance travel. Here you will find a number of high- speed Inter-City Express trains which operate from the AIRail Terminal situated right next to Terminal 1. Terminal 1 has a connector building linking it to the AIRail terminal. These high-speed trains offer transportation to the central stations in Cologne and Stuttgart. From here, one can connect with other trains leading further across Germany and Europe. Platforms four to seven service the long-distance trains.

Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport can be accessed from the Railway services via a free shuttle bus or the Sky Line. From the railway platforms, follow the signs leading to one floor higher up. Free shuttle buses operate from 05:00 to 00:30. Signs will also lead you to the Sky Line service which runs every two minutes. Note, however, that you are not allowed to take trolleys onto the Sky Line.

Most convenient for travellers arriving at the Airport by AIRail, is that the majority of airlines allow for baggage check-in to be done at the check-in services in the AIRail terminal. Look for the ‘Check-in T’ counter in the passage leading to Terminal 1, and drop off your flight baggage without any hassles. Normally, one can use this service up to 45 minutes before the flight’s departure. Confirm with your airline if this service is available.

The three major train stations in Frankfurt are Hauptbahnhof (the main station), Südbahnhof (the south station) and Flughafen Fernbahnhof, which is the airport station. Whichever station you are travelling from, make sure you allow sufficient time to find where to board your train. The stations are large and may be confusing to first-timers. For help or more information, find the railway travel office in the station, and be sure to note your platform information from the departures signage board above the main entrance.

Travelling to central Frankfurt will take about 14 minutes and the trains depart for Hauptbahnhof every 15 minutes. Before boarding the train, make sure that you have bought your ticket from one of the vending machines. 5 or 10 day rail travel tickets can be purchased at the main ticket office in Frankfurt, but not from any of the Regional train stations. This ticket will cover the costs for any of the train services you may want to use including long-distance trains and inter-city trains.

Travel agents and airlines also sell rail tickets along with airline tickets. Passengers are then able to arrange their flight and train journeys at the same time.