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Frankfurt Arrivals

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport should be a pleasant experience, considering their state-of-the-art baggage collection facilities and colour coded exit display directions. The airport is divided into Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Travel between the terminals using the Sky Line – a free shuttle train running every 2 minutes. Frankfurt Airport has a wide variety of shops and services to assist you with any purchases or banking requirements on your arrival.

If you are arriving at Frankfurt Airport from a country that belongs to the European Union (EU) or if your luggage is within the carrying allowances, proceed to the green customs exit. The red exit will be used by persons who have items needed to be declared. Items to be declared include any goods, regardless of value, that will be for sale or for commercial use and excess duty-free items over the permitted allowance. Declare items that are prohibited or have restriction regulations, such as weapons, ammunition, narcotics and plants or animals of a protected species. The Customs Information Centre will offer assistance if you are unsure of how your goods should be dealt with.

Blue signs will direct you to passport control. The right-hand counter personnel will assist you as an EU-citizen or as a non-EU citizen. Passport control and customs are not necessary for passengers arriving from countries that are part of the ‘Schengen Agreement’. These countries are Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Malta, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia and Spain.

If you are not from a ‘Schengen’ country, make enquiries before planning your trip, whether or not a Visa for Germany will be required. This information can be given by a travel agent, airline service or the German Embassy. For any additional information regarding entry and exit requirements, contact the German Border Guard Service (Bundesgrenzschutz) at +49(0)69 690-78578. Ensure that your passport or ID card’s validity covers, at least, the time span of your visit.

After customs, follow the signs reading ‘Baggage Claim’ to collect your luggage. An information board is available in order to see which carousel is in accordance to your flight. Bulky luggage can be collected in the same area. These may include things like surfboards, bicycles and strollers.

Your flight reservation may have included RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund) tickets, or these tickets can be purchased from machines available at the Regional train station in Terminal 1 (Level 0).

  • RMV ticket machines have various journey options designated for the Messe. S-Bahn trains headed for Frankfurt depart from platform 1 on lines S8 or S9, headed in the direction of Frankfurt, Offenbach or Hanau. These trains travel to the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) as well as ‘Hauptwache’ and ‘Konstablerwache’.
  • Select platform 3 of the Regional train station if you are traveling to Mainz (direction of Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof). The RMV ticket machine for Mainz is tariff zone 65.
  • Trains headed for Darmstadt leave from the underground level of the Regional train station on lines S3 and S4. Tariff zone 40 on the RMV ticket machine.

Besides the Regional S-Bahn train service, there is also access to the long-distance AIRail system.

Frankfurt Airport offers other public transportation by local buses and Lufthansa AIR-Line buses. Taxis are also available outside the airport, usually waiting in line for passengers wanting to travel to various locations.

If you have arranged for someone to meet you at the airport, make sure you have provided them with the following information: the name of your airline; your flight number; where the flight is from; scheduled departure time; your arrival date and time as well as to which Terminal your flight will arrive. In most cases an airline will depart and arrive at the same terminal.

For any enquiries, information counters are located in both terminals. In Terminal 1; at the Arrivals Level 2 and Departures Level 2. In Terminal 2; between Halls D and E on Level 2. Self-help information kiosks are also placed throughout Frankfurt Airport.

Arrivals at Frankfurt Airport

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