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Frankfurt Departures

For an easy and hassle-free departure from Frankfurt Airport, be sure to make use of their assistance ranging from baggage storage facilities to rent-a-buggy services for kids. Arrive in good time for your flight and ensure that your baggage is suitable to pass the security checks.

Frankfurt Airport and their numerous airline services offer some convenient facilities for departing passengers. Check with your airline if you are able to make use of the AIRail ‘Check-in T’ counter situated in the passage leading to Terminal 1. This service is offered by most of the airlines for passengers arriving at the long-distance train station. Some airlines also offer a ‘night-before’ check-in service if you are booked on an early flight. Remember that all travelers should be present when checking-in.

At the airport, porter and escort services are available. Porters can assist with the moving of your luggage in the airport’s public areas, before continuing on through the security checks. If you are unsure of the airport’s layout, an assigned escort will lead you directly to your departure flight or any other facility required within the airport. These services can be booked in advance or when you arrive at the airport from one of the many free service phones. Note that porter and escort assistance do charge a fee for their services.

You can Rent-a-buggy for your little ones from the Arrivals area in Terminal 1, Hall B. They are available for a fee of six euros per day.

Enjoy the many features of Frankfurt Airport without having to drag your luggage with you, by making use of the airport’s storage facilities. In Terminal 1, find this service on the Arrivals Level 1, in Hall B, and the Departure Level 2 in Halls B and C. If you are in Terminal 2, store your luggage on the Arrivals Level 2 in Hall D. The service is available 24 hours a day at the Arrivals Level in Terminal 1 and the others are open from 6am to 10 pm.

It is recommended that one checks-in at least 2-3 hours before their departure flight. Exact times depend on your specific destination. Check in 3 hours before your flight if you are a passenger traveling to the United States or Great Britain. 2 hours prior to flight will be necessary for flights within Europe and any other destination.

Travelers to the USA should be aware of the new regulations when making use of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). At least 72 hours before your departure time, an ESTA form must be completed. The application is free and the form can be found on the website You will be supplied with an application number and approval information. VWP travelers must be able to show their ESTA approval to airport security once ESTA is mandatory. Otherwise, one may be refused to depart on their flight to the USA.

Frankfurt Airport security personnel strive to handle all check-in procedures in the most efficient and professional manner possible. To speed up the process, make sure that your baggage contents pose no threat risks or contain any prohibited or potentially hazardous items or sharp objects. Have your boarding pass and necessary passports or ID cards available for inspection by the security personnel. If, by some misfortune, your passport is lost or stolen, the airport document service will offer their assistance. It is located in the Arrivals area of Terminal 1 (Hall B).

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