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Tourist Attractions - Frankfurt Airport FRA

Frankfurt is famous for it’s historical museums and other attractions, such as the Palmengarten and Römerberg. Even Frankfurt Airport is an attraction in itself, offering many shopping opportunities and a public viewing platform.

Frankfurt’s skyline is impressive with many attractive skyscrapers, and is especially beautiful at sunset. To A great view point of the Frankfurt sunset would be to look out from one of the bridges or the Maintower high-rise. If you are visiting Frankfurt during times when there are major events in action, you may be lucky to see one of Frankfurt’s spectacular fireworks displays.

People who enjoy the outdoors should walk along the river Main in the summertime. It is a wonderful place to relax on the lawns or to play Frisbee. Plus, it has many nearby cafés and restaurants for your convenience. In the summer, tourists and locals are also treated to the ‘Sound of Frankfurt’. One can enjoy the talents of German and international artists free of charge, in an open-air concert held in downtown Frankfurt.

Nature lovers will enjoy the City Forest located to the south of Frankfurt. The size of the forest is about 48 square kilometres and offers six playgrounds and nine ponds. It is the largest inner-city forest in Germany.

Saalburg, the old Roman fort, is definitely worth a visit. It is located just outside Frankfurt near Bad Homberg.

If you are interested in museums, then Frankfurt is the place to be. With so many to choose from, you will have a difficult time trying to visit all of them. The best option would be to visit the district called Museumsufer, on the banks of the river Main. Here you will be able to view many museums grouped together in one area.

  • Within the Museumsufer you will be able to view the Deutsches Architektur Museum and the Deutsches Filmmuseum, displaying exhibits of building and architecture and the history of film making.
  • The Städel-Museum is an exhibition of modern and older art pieces. Behind it, is the art school – Städelschule.
  • For a beautiful collection of statues and sculptures, visit the Liebieghaus.
  • Slightly older children will enjoy the Museum für Kommunikation, as it has old equipment such as telephones, telegraphs and fax machines etc, which can be tried out to see how they work.

    Of course, the above mentioned museums are only a few that are available to visit in the Museumsufer. There are many others offering a variety of interesting exhibitions. Most of the museums in Frankfurt are closed on Mondays. Before visiting any, it is best to enquire about their times open to the public and any entrance fees charged.

    Some of the other museums to add to your sight-seeing list, in other areas of Frankfurt, are the Naturmuseum Senckenburg (Nature Museum), the Deutsches Ledermuseum (German Leather Museum), the Geldmuseum der Deutschen Bundesbank (Money Museum of the German National Bank), the Archäologisches Museum (Archaeological Museum) and the Kunsthalle Schirn featuring contemporary art. Again, Frankfurt offers many more for the enjoyment of locals and tourists.

    Frankfurt also hosts special events that are related to the museums.

    • The Museumsuferfest is held at the Museumsufer district during August or September. This festival is popular with the locals and offers food, music and other activities.
    • The Museumsufer has a flea market that is held every Saturday morning.
    • The Lange Nacht der Museum is also very popular and is held towards the end of April. Here, most of the museums are open all night to early the next morning and also features dances, music performances, special exhibits, games etc. It is worthwhile to buy tickets in advance, as on the night, the lines are long.

    Apart from museums, there are other wonderful attractions in Frankfurt. The Römerburg is the historical heart of Frankfurt, with various old buildings and a church from the 14th and 15th century. The actual town hall is called the Römer and dates back to 1405. The Römerburg is surrounded by shops and cafés, and it is possible to walk to the Zeil shopping area and the river Main. It is fascinating to see how an old city must have looked like. A wonderful time to visit Römerburg is at Christmas. There is a Christmas Market, complete with a merry-go-round, musicians performing Christmas music and a 100-foot tall Christmas tree. It is especially beautiful at night when all the lights are on, a super outing for tourists and local families.

    An outing for adults and kids alike is a trip to Frankfurt Zoo. It offers a wide range of animals in an up-close and personal environment – animals are contained by only a glass pane or by water-filled ditches. The Grzimek House is the home of nocturnal animals that can be rarely otherwise observed.

    Other major attractions to be mentioned are the Palmengarten Und Botanischer Garten (The Botanical Gardens), the Bartholomäus Cathedral and the Goethehaus. Once again, Frankfurt has many other worthwhile attractions that definitely deserve a visit.

    Frankfurt is famous for its various fairs held at certain times of the year. These fairs draw hundreds of thousands of visitors and are the world’s largest events within their industry. The Frankfurt Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) is held yearly in mid-October and the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (Frankfurt Motor Show) can be viewed every two years, around September time.

    Museums, buildings, sight-seeing, arts, shopping or Zoo’s, the choice is yours to experience in Frankfurt, Germany.